Idea To Design... And Beyond

Westin Savannah

Savannah, GA

The design concept for the project was to increase functionality and develop a high end luxurious ambiance while maintaining the distinct architectural beauty of the property. The design team worked to increase seating creating niches of space where guests can relax and regenerate, have impromptu meetings or enjoy the spectacular view while having a cocktail.

Organic elements were the design focus and were added to the space in fabrics, wallcovering and custom Axminster rugs and carpets. The properties beautiful existing Architectural moulding details were a prime opportunity to create focus and interest with contrasting paints. Friezes were treated as artwork and were painted pristine white in order to emphasize their detail.

The properties large collection of fine art was placed in primary lounge areas. Additional art from local artists was commissioned and added to the collection to reference the region.

The view of the Harbor was emphasized by minimizing window treatments and grouping seating arrangements on the large windows. Live florals and plants were added creating tranquil spaces for guests to enjoy.

Westin Savannah