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Sugar Factory At Miracle Mile Shops

Las Vegas, NV

Designers of the Sugar Factory location within Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile of Shops focused on making the candy within the store the main showcase. Color wasn’t a necessity for the store design, as the expansive array of both vintage and trendy candy provides for a beautiful display of vivid colors and intricate designs.

Designers used immolated white marble flooring, white walls and white shelving units to ensure that the candy would “pop” and come alive! Guests feel the energy of the store the moment they walk through the movie marquee entry. Bright lights from flashing “Hollywood” bulbs give the illusion of a red carpet experience.  Shiny metallic frames adorn the walls with images of celebrities, socialites and the like all experiencing candy purchased at the Sugar Factory. Guests feel as though they are shopping with celebrities!

Sugar Factory At Miracle Mile Shops