Idea To Design... And Beyond

Semolina’s Clearview

Clearview, LA

The greatest design challenge in creating an interior design concept for Semolina’s thirty-third restaurant was having only 6 weeks from start to finish to complete the interior design. Architects and Engineers were in place for an entire year before the Owners realization that the services of an Interior Design firm was required. Build-out construction began January 2002, interior design began April 2002, with a grand opening the following month.

Despite the compressed schedule, the owners wanted to bring back some “fun” found in the original design elements from the first Semolina restaurant which opened in 1983. The original concept “Flying Pasta” was studied for the design inspiration. The new, updated scheme titled “Adventures in Pasta,” is a contemporary twist and interpretation on all shapes, sizes, and colors of the consistent element in the restaurant’s international pasta menu.

The restaurant now offers inviting and comfortable atmospheres which provide distinct dining opportunities which are reinforced by their unique design elements. Semolina has a dining capacity of 180 seats and features pasta creations inspired by over a dozen countries.

Semolina’s Clearview