Idea To Design... And Beyond

Ha Long Baccarat Bay

During the design phase of this high-end gaming area within the Casino, research into Fung Shu was a requirement so that the clientele were comfortable gambling within the space.

A design feature at the ceiling represents the figure eight (8) which is considered a lucky number including gold leaf and crystal light fixtures. The color scheme was also taken into consideration to represent fire or earth, water, wood and metal. The carpet also included water and nature motifs.

A custom painting of Ha Long Bay was commissioned to adorn the wall along with an antique tea buffet console and scholar stone accessory.

Crystal track lighting: Royal Chandelier

Crystal/glass chandelier: Boyd Lighting

Carpet: Ulster

Grass cloth and gold leaf wallcovering: MDC

Carved bamboo panels: Java Nola

Mother of pearl: Maya Romanoff

Buffet console and scholarstone: Wind Water Gallery

Ha Long Baccarat Bay