Idea To Design... And Beyond


New Orleans, Louisiana

This was a conversion in an area that housed a former food court that was originally designed with shipwrecked theme. This new venue carried the theme of a junk ship that was wrecked carrying a trunk of jewels and gold coins. The tattered sail was replaced with the red sail typically seen on the junk ships throughout Asia.

A sushi bar was added with a decorative carved acrylic panel of waves and fish as a backdrop. . The same acrylic wave panels were created to separate the restaurant from the Casino area.

Custom carved buddah and bamboo panels were imported and installed with striped silk canopies and back lit panels below.

Guadua bamboo or giant timber bamboo poles were installed and used at the main entry feature housing the new restaurant sign.

A buying trip to San Francisco to acquire the various pottery and ceramic pieces that adorn the new backlit millwork feature wall .