Idea To Design... And Beyond

The two newest and hottest restaurants in Houston are finally open! Piada Italian Street Food now offers  fresh, authentic, and delicious food at two Houston locations: Memorial Area and Sugar Land.

Dining out is as much about the food as it is about the scene and the sense of a special event. Montgomery Roth worked with Piada to transform their vision into reality. The restaurant’s design provides an epic atmosphere for socializing. A simple outing with friends or quick lunch run is much more appetizing at Piada, where we paired appealing furniture with luxurious wood finishes, and alluring lighting. The restaurant attracts clientele with its warm, yet modern atmosphere.

According to Brad Ervin, who is the Director of Construction and Development, Piada began as an idea scribbled on a napkin during a visit to Rimini, Italy. “Our chef found distinct charm in the family-operated food carts and corner markets scattered throughout the streets of the city, where the aroma of fresh basil, handcrafted cured meats and homemade cheeses filled the air. Our chef opened Piada based on the principles of passion and pride for quality ingredients and simplistic cooking techniques.”

“Piada is an awesome concept that appeals to everyone: fast, fresh, and healthy.” Says John Montgomery, Principal at Montgomery Roth. “We are working with a modern, yet warm palette- using wood as the main material. Dedicated to nurturing and growing Piada’s idea from concept to completion, we’re all ears throughout the entire process.”

What are you waiting for? Run to Piada and savor authentic Italian food.  Did we mention they serve Italian Soda?