Idea To Design... And Beyond

When staying at a hotel, almost nothing is more disappointing for a guest than a bathroom in need of a serious update. It’s one of the first things guests check upon entering their room. Immediately, a guest notices if their bathroom appears fresh and new.

Hotel bathrooms aren’t merely a place to freshen up; they are one part of the whole hotel experience when it comes to relaxing and luxuriating. But adding spa-inspired bathroom products isn’t enough.

Hotel guests want their bathroom to be, at the very least, a little nicer than the one they have at home. At the very best, hotel bathrooms should be clean, comfortable, plush and peaceful sanctuaries.

Learn what’s in and what’s out for hotel bathroom design in 2015:

Hotel Bathroom Design: What’s Out

  • Shower Curtains
    Even if shower curtains are made from synthetic materials, they still get mildewy, especially at the bottom seams. Shower curtains require far too much fastidious maintenance.
  • Sconces
    These lighting fixtures are good where only accent lighting is needed, but sconces simply don’t offer enough light – the number one complaint from hotel guests about their bathrooms.
  • Overhead Lights
    Overhead lights have a tendency to be overly bright and hostile, especially if they are of the fluorescent variety. No one looks good under that kind of lighting, nor does it reflect a peaceful environment.
  • Shower Wall And Bathroom Floor Tiling
    Tiling may be aesthetically pleasing from an interior design perspective, but grout lines are not easy to maintain. Once grouting ages and begins to wear, it looks unclean and unsightly to guests.

Hotel Bathroom Design: What’s In

  • Lavish Standup Showers
    Tubs are on the way out, as less and less guests are apt to take baths. Also, standup showers take up less space. To create an upscale shower experience, hotels are opting for rainfall showerheads and body sprayers. Even handheld showerheads, popular in Asia and Europe, are trending in the U.S.

  • LED Lights With Dimmers
    LED lights give off warmer light, yet they are still bright enough to illuminate a hotel bathroom sufficiently while complementing more skin tones. LED lights also come with dimmers, so a guest may choose their ideal lighting level.

  • Sliding Bathroom Doors
    Swinging bathroom doors are being dropped in favor of sliding doors, specifically in more urban hotel locations where space constraints are always an issue. Some sliding doors even offer a bit of transparency, allowing light in from the main room.

  • Modern Alternatives To Traditional Bathroom Tile 
    Hotel bathroom flooring options range from high-end marble to eco-friendly fibers, as well as new applications for traditional materials like hardwood and vinyl. The most important thing to remember is the material’s overall resistance to moisture and durability.

With today’s online review forums for travelers, it’s important to ensure your guests are completely satisfied with their stays. If your hotel bathrooms are rundown, feature bad lighting or feel clinical and dull, guests are going to spread this information via word-of-mouth or the Internet.

When partnering with an experienced hotel design firm, ask for guidance in making renovations that are going to create a sense of comfort, cleanliness and modern influence. Instead of a huge overhaul, a few of the right changes create the most impact for your guests’ satisfaction.

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