Idea To Design... And Beyond

Turn Your Hospitality Interior Into A Luxury Experience, Not Just A Place To Sleep

Hotel interior design has shifted in recent years. Today, hotel designs must be multifunctional and cater to a range of guests. Years ago, hotels were secondary considerations; now, they’re destinations in themselves. Every space in your hospitality interior should be designed with a strategy in mind for every type of guest you have – from businessmen to socialites, vacationers to quiet types.

If your hospitality interior is lackluster, you need a refresh. Take a look at a few ways to revamp your hotel and breathe a little life into a stale image.

1. Lobby

The lobby isn’t just for check-ins and elevators anymore. It’s a social space and a place for first impressions. When you’re working on your hotel design, think outside the box: Juxtapose form and function with large chandeliers, bold sculptures, bright colors, living (plant) art or indoor waterfalls.

When guests enter your lobby, they should be presented with multi-use areas for casual and formal talks, private nooks that serve as informal temporary workspaces, plenty of outlets and WiFi for a range of devices. Your furniture should strike a balance between comfort and functionality. Work with an interior designer to find the perfect features for your lobby.

2. Open Spaces

The single couch, bed and nightstand approach to room configurations is outdated. Every inch of your hotel interioris a chance to welcome your guests and help them release the tension of their everyday lives.

Modern hoteliers are finding new ways to blend indoor and outdoor environments. Large decks and terraces expand hotel rooms, and wide windows help to connect guests with the landscape. Split your bathroom and bedroom with sliding doors to further open the space. Use a single type of flooring (wood, marble or porcelain, for example) throughout the space to create seamless transitions.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect place to focus when you’re rethinking your hotel interior design. Today, hotel guests want a luxurious experience, in the bedroom, the bathroom and beyond.

The bathroom doesn’t need to be plain and simple – it’s full of opportunity for lavish elegance. Model your bathrooms after world-class spas, with ambient lighting, spacious tubs, plush oversized towels, waterfall showers and vanities. Work with an interior designer who’s experienced with spa projects to create a truly lavish experience.

4. Art

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a goldmine of artistic talent in your local area – every community does. Many hotel interior design schemes feature cookie-cutter artwork that’s the same in Seattle as it is in Boston. Tap into your local artistic community and source all of your artwork locally. Local artists’ sculptures, paintings, etchings and mixed-media masterpieces are all right under your nose. Purchase a few and use them to decorate your halls, walls and rooms. It’s a perfect way to showcase your uniqueness – and some community pride!

5. Technology

You’ve seen the smartphone craze, and it’s no secret that technology has infiltrated every aspect of society. Use it to your advantage by integrating technology into your hotel experience. WiFi and electrical outlets are a great place to start, but you should also be looking at new ways to connect devices to your rooms.

Develop an app that enables your guests to customize their amenities. Pillows, special accommodations, extra cots, baby furniture, food and beverage requests are all easy to make with just few clicks. Allow smartphones to sync with AV and electrical systems to control lights, music and entertainment. By focusing on tech integration, you have the chance to mold your hotel interior design to maximize your guests’ experiences.


Some of your visitors just aren’t looking for an ‘experience’. It’s not always easy to know how to make your hospitality interior cater to those guests and the ones who want to be pampered. By focusing on these five areas, you achieve an interior design effectively wows all of your guests.

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