Idea To Design... And Beyond

If there’s one trend happening in today’s interior design industry, it’s a movement towards individualization.

As you pre-plan for your upcoming home remodel, you should be working towards interior design that echoes your personality and lifestyle. You want the rooms in your home to feel as though they were collected through the years, which is achieved by mixing new and old elements.

This is good news, given how easy it is to exceed budgetary limitations for home design projects. Instead of completely starting anew, your goal is to filter through what you already use and incorporate those interior design elements that you especially love or you feel have the most potential.

The following are five tips for carrying over your best interior design pieces to achieve a truly individualized home remodel:

1. Establish A Desired Aesthetic

Look through interior design magazines and online forums to see what styles you gravitate towards. If you’re drawn to a home design theme, that’s your desired aesthetic. Let your aesthetic guide every interior design idea and detail that goes into your home remodel.

2. Decide What To Keep

Based on the desired interior design aesthetic you are trying to achieve, take inventory of your current furniture and accent pieces and select what items you want to keep and what items you are willing to change.

3. Reupholster/Refurbish/Refinish Existing Elements

Even if your current, older interior design elements are showing some wear and tear, your new home remodel is the perfect opportunity to spruce a few items up with new upholstery, a fresh refinishing or by simply refurbishing items with modern hardware.

4. Update Paint, Wallpaper And Flooring Finishes

For a dramatic interior design change that’s also easy to implement, simply update your paint colors, wallpaper and flooring finishes to give the rooms in your home a whole new look. Have fun making one wall in a room stand out by wallpapering it with one of the many creative design options available today.

5. Focus On Accessories And Art

Over time, you’ve likely collected some interior design accessories and artwork. Let the pieces you love the most inform your interior design ideas, especially when it comes to choosing colors. When picking a color palette, stick with hues found in your paintings and accessories that complement each other.

Individualization is an interior design style that evolves organically with you. Over a lifetime, this personalized approach lends to a home design that continually transforms while also sustaining a relevant aesthetic that’s unique to you.

By taking this approach to your new home remodel, you never have to worry about an entire interior design overhaul 10 years down the road. Your home design is going to remain meaningful and suitable throughout any decade.

Ready to learn more interior design ideas to help individualize your home design? Contact the interior design experts at Montgomery Roth, whose Collaborative Composition service acts as a cornerstone for every project they help create.