Idea To Design... And Beyond

When looking to collaborate with an interior designer for your hotel remodel, you need someone who acts as a sounding board for your ideas and is capable of taking your vision to the next level. Your interior designer should also work on guiding you away from any potential missteps.

Interior design collaboration functions best in the following seven ways:

  1. Establish If Current Room Types Are Set To Change

    From the start, it’s important that you and your interior designer are on the same page about room changes that must be made based on your clientele’s needs. Do you need more King or Queen rooms? Do you want to update every room’s bathroom design? With room changes detailed out, your designer is then able to help you work out optimal room size, lighting and furniture flow.

  2. Discuss Color Scheme And Hotel Design Direction

    Be sure that your interior designer is aware of design elements that shouldn’t change, such as color schemes or the direction of the hotel design. If your hotel brand dictates design based on region or nationally consistent design scheme, you must adhere these parameters. Your interior designer should be helping your hotel remodel remain within this framework.

  3. Communicate On The Budgets For FFA And Construction

    Budget is always going to be a major factor in your hotel remodel project. It’s critical that your interior designer understands FFA and construction budgets, and how they fluctuate as the renovation project moves forward. Changes to a construction budget could result in less financial resources for the hotel design.

  4. Understand The Type Of Guests Staying At Your Hotel

    Are your hotel guests on a business trip? Is it a family vacation destination? Are you located near casinos and gaming locations? Working with your interior designer on how to best serve your guests is going to result in the right hotel design.

  5. Discuss Upgrades For New Technology

    When planning on a hotel renovation, you should think through tech design elements, such as audio, visual and more conveniently located outlets for guests to plug in their devices. Business travelers, gamers and families are going to appreciate updated tech features.

  6. Consider Upgrades For Lighting And Energy Efficiency

    Your hotel remodel is an opportunity to implement some green elements that guests appreciate. Energy efficiency also reduces your hotel’s energy costs. Work with your interior designer to discover sustainable design ideas for your hotel.

  7. Make The Most Of Outdoor Spaces

    The outdoor areas of hotels have become very popular remodel opportunities, as they translate into an extra amenity to your guests (creating a new angle for promotions). Share your outdoor design ideas and be open to your interior designer, who has experience turning a bland outdoor space into a scenic outdoor oasis.

When it comes to your hotel remodel or renovation, working with an interior designer is an integral part of completing your project with efficiency, effectiveness and beautiful results. Your interior designer should elevate your vision, so you’re completely satisfied with the end result.

Ready to learn more about collaborating with an interior designer on your hotel remodel? Contact the interior design experts at Montgomery Roth, whose Collaborative Composition service acts as a cornerstone for every project they help create.