Idea To Design... And Beyond

When you enter certain rooms, do you ever feel like you just … belong?

When pre-planning for your upcoming home design project, a central goal should be putting together rooms that create a sense of belonging. Interior design that fits you or just feels right is most successful when guided by your personality.

From patterns and color schemes to furniture and light fixtures, your own personality should absolutely inform your interior design ideas and choices.

  • Do you like clean lines and solid colors?

    Contemporary interior design may be a great starting point for you.

  • Do you prefer light woods, rustic accents and floral patterns?

    A country-inspired aesthetic speaks to a homemade lifestyle philosophy.

  • Do you like blues, whites and breezy fabrics?

    Coastal home design may help fulfill your love affair with the ocean.

  • Do you tend towards ornate styles with full colors?

    French-inspired interior design achieves this rich style sensibility.

Whichever design movement you feel particularly drawn towards should only be used as a guideline or starting point for your home design project. Just like your life, your interior design personality shouldn’t be held to one static storyline.

The following suggestions or exercises are ways to infuse your personality into your home design. These two interior design “personality experiments” help guide you to visually tell your own unique tale:

Find A Color Scheme That Speaks Your Language

When selecting an interior design color scheme that matches your personality, first pay a visit to your wardrobe. When you open up the closet, what do you see? Is there a favorite pattern or a color theme?

If you look good wearing these colors or patterns, you are going to look and feel good surrounded by them.

Color scheme is generally associated with the seasons:

  • Spring = warm yellows and fresh, light colors that evoke an energetic feeling
  • Summer = cool, gentle colors that are both refined and sheer
  • Autumn = marigolds mixed with other deep, rich colors that suggest strength
  • Winter = cool, striking blues and pinks that serve up some drama

Which season are you? It’s perfectly acceptable to pick two color schemes if they both speak to you. More than two, however, tends to muddle things or make a room feel disjointed.

Focus On What You Already Have

Before you begin buying new items for your home design project, take a quick inventory of what you already have. Go through old trinkets, zero in on your favorite furniture pieces and take note of everything you own that you absolutely love.

Once you’ve taken stock of your favorite items, ask yourself:

  • Why did you buy or keep a particular item?
  • What about the design of this item do you enjoy?

The answers to these two questions provide great guidance when the time comes to invest in new interior design elements for your home.

When you know your tendencies towards interior design style and mix them with your favorite color scheme, you end up creating a home design where you truly belong.

Ready to learn more home design projects to help celebrate your own unique perspective? Contact the interior design experts at Montgomery Roth, whose Collaborative Composition service acts as a cornerstone for every project they help create.