Idea To Design... And Beyond

What’s the first rule of interior design?

There are no rules in interior design.

It’s important to not get boxed-in to one mode of thinking when it comes to choosing a style for your home’s interior design.

Mix up your furniture to avoid the cliché of having your living room look like a showroom floor. For example, contemporary/modern home design is given richness and depth by adding vintage antiques and flea market finds.

The best rooms always appear as though they’ve been collected over time; one creative design trick to accomplish this is mixing “the old” with “the new”.

Here are some interior design projects to help you stir up your style and make a home that’s intriguing, inviting and uniquely you:

Found Objects

Modern furniture benefits from contrast. To bring animation or essence into a room, incorporate interesting rustic or vintage finds. Antique accents juxtaposed with sleek modern furniture create an intriguing aesthetic.

Flooring And Molding

In a room with contemporary furniture, two ways to add old-world charm to your, interior design, is through contrast with the flooring and molding. For flooring, antique heart-pine floors ground a room in warmth. For molding, beaded-board wainscoting adds a classic, traditional touch.

Unexpected Furniture

One interior design tip to help you buck the status quo is by creating an element of surprise with an unexpected furniture choice. Revamp an old family heirloom by reupholstering, refinishing or repurposing the piece. Invite stainless steel or industrial furniture pieces into your home design; they work surprisingly well with almost every interior design style.

Different Cultures

If you’re a traveler, welcome different cultures into your interior design project gives a room visual interest, depth as well as a place for you to cherish the memories of your trips. A Parisian armchair, Spanish tiling, or a Swiss side table … all of these pieces offer old-world architectural elements that stray fantastically from contemporary and modern design.

Textural Accents

Adding textural layers to your interior design will provide the perfect contrast to contemporary styles. Distressed or aged pieces like a weathered leather chair or a worn timber coffee table – look elegant and relaxed against a backdrop of strong, sleek elements. However too many aged pieces could create a junkyard feel.

When mixing interior design styles, it’s always important to remember that – even though there are no rules – you need to keep the creative design elements balanced.

Okay, so there is one rule: An “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” approach to interior design clutters a space so that nothing shines. Pay special attention to creative design contrast while tapping into your inner editor. Remember that successfully combining the old with the new is best achieved organically, and that the rooms in your home grow with you.

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