Idea To Design... And Beyond

It’s fairly easy to rack up a considerable amount of spending for home remodel projects. Thankfully, they are plenty of interior design ideas to cut home remodeling costs without cutting corners or settling for cheaply made alternatives.

To save a little on each of your home remodel ventures, you need to think strategically about design, materials and timing. Consider the following three interior design tricks and tips to help you keep your home remodeling budget in check:

1. Revamp Accessories Around Your Home

A home remodel doesn’t require knocking down walls or wiping the slate clean. One simple, budget-friendly way to spruce up a room is to change up your accessories, such as pillows, artwork, accent pieces and rugs.

Purchase new pillow covers for a pop of color or an added textural element in a room. Hang two mirrors in the same room opposite each other to create the illusion of a larger expansive space. Put up new photos or artwork, or simply change out or paint the frames of your current artwork for a quick, frugal transformation.

By adding new accent pieces, throw rugs, switch plates and window treatments, you have the power to completely transform a room without even moving a piece of furniture.

2. Add Backsplash Accent Tile In The Kitchen

When you don’t have the time or money for a complete new kitchen during your home remodel project, consider updating or changing one element for a big impact to your interior design. One interior design trick to revamp the kitchen is to install backsplash tile or another material on the wall between your counter top and wall cabinets.

Since you’re relying on one element to update your kitchen during your home remodel, consult with an experienced interior designer for guidance on choosing a tile, stone, or suitable material that’s affordable and unique.

3. Make Over Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets or countertops can be costly. If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, you may be able to save money by simply re-finishing them with a new paint or varnish. Another simple interior design idea is changing cabinet pulls and hinges; it’s an inexpensive alternative to a full kitchen remodel. Cabinetry makeovers also benefit from adding trim, such as picture-frame molding, crown molding or corbels.

If you’re looking for help during your home remodeling project, specifically your kitchen cabinets, companies specialize in re-facing doors and drawers for much less cost than a new installation. Kitchen cabinet hardware is a finishing touch that is simple, affordable and makes a big difference during your home remodel.

These three home remodel tips are based on small changes that make a big difference. It’s always best to first consult with an interior design expert to distinguish which home remodeling projects have affordable, awesome interior design alternatives. When you implement some easy-to-do interior design ideas, they help you save money for those bigger items or projects you’ve set your sights on.

Ready to learn more home remodeling ideas that help you cut costs while creating a lot of interior design impact? Contact the interior design experts at Montgomery Roth, whose Collaborative Composition service acts as a cornerstone for every project they create.