Idea To Design... And Beyond

Modern rustic home design has become a new American classic. No longer reserved for modern warehouse lofts in city dwellings, modern rustic design has become a go-to trend for anyone who enjoys a mix of styles.

Modern rustic – as an interior design style – blends older, farmhouse features with modern architecture and contemporary features. When these two styles come together, the result is a warm, inviting home design that contains character, natural materials, clean lines and modern conveniences.

Successfully mixing rustic elements with modern touches is achieved through balance – offsetting heavier-feeling furnishings with a metered sleekness that has a contemporary edge.

Create the right modern rustic balance for your home design by following these basic interior design principles for:

Modern Rustic Flooring

For home decor to reflect a modern rustic design, flooring is going to be one of your most important considerations. Flooring should bring together a blend of the two styles, setting the stage for the rest of your home design project.

  • Hardwood tile floors are now coming in larger formats (12 x 24, 18 x 25) with limited varnishes and paints, creating a clean, modern feel with the look of something more rustic.
  • Cleft-faced slate tiles in gray or black give a clean edge with a textured, almost-weathered appearance.
  • French limestone tiles are very durable and have a unique texture, yet they also feature a crisp, contemporary edge.

One interior design trick for modern rustic flooring is to carry it throughout your entire home, so rooms are unified.

Modern Rustic Furniture

To contrast the rustic style flooring, furniture should tend towards a contemporary, modern look. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repurpose older traditional pieces. Simply keep the architectural, detailed elements of a traditional piece, but add a fresh, bold, lacquer-paint finish. A touch of sleek, shiny paint turns rustic furniture into updated, modern pieces.

Furniture, such as seating options, should also feature limited embellishments. Interior designers going for a modern rustic look often go for neutral-colored chairs and sofas.

Another interior design idea to apply in your modern rustic home design is re-upholstered furniture. When you take more traditional pieces and add natural, unprinted fabrics in linen, burlap, canvas or animal skins, you achieve an almost modern woodland scheme.

Modern Rustic Accents

Flea markets, estate sales and auctions are all great resources for finding special modern rustic interior design accents for your home design project. New furniture mixed with flea market finds creates an eclectic feel that’s a signature feature of modern rustic design. While looking to incorporate modern rustic accents, the interior design ideas are endless.

Milk bottle crates may be used as wall art, wooden barrels as end tables and an old palette as a bed headboard. Textured throw rugs in solid neutral colors or animal hide patterns in contemporary shapes are great accent pieces that work well to blend the two styles.

With modern rustic design, while eclectic and whimsical choices are encouraged, it’s easy to miss the mark and pick some interior design elements that are woefully out of place.

The best way to achieve the right balance for the modern rustic home design you want is to blend slowly. With the help of an experienced interior designer, you may work together – one feature at a time – to arrive at a complete contemporary rustic look.

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